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Everything Goes!
Delta Sigma Theta Swag T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta 1913 T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta Line Shirt - Red 
Delta Sigma Theta Being a Delta Priceless T-Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta White T-Shirt Shield Bold
Delta Sigma Theta Line Shirt - White
Delta Sigma Theta Divine, Graceful, Powerful T-Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority White T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta For Life T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta Old School T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta Polo Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Oval Soror" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta On Top T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta What is a Delta T-Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta Sisters For Life T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. "Double Elephant" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Keep Calm and Celebrate" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Bling Bling 1913" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Sorority, Inc."  Grey T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Future Delta" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "What Other Soroities" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Did It Right" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta Bling Bling "Woman" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Straight Outta Delta" TShirt
Delta Large Bag 
Delta Sigma Theta Backpack $34.99
Delta Silicone Bracelet $5.00
Delta Sigma Theta Flag $12.99
Delta Decal With Shield $6.99
Delta Desktop $28.99
Delta Sigma Theta Bubble White Keychain $7.99
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Delta Two-Sided Dogtag $12.99
Delta Sigma Theta "Sisters At Heart" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta 
Lady Of Delta Large Bag $17.99
Delta Sigma Theta 
Picture Frame $7.99
Delta Car Emblem $7.99
Delta Cap $18.99
Big Bead Tiki Crest $19.99
Elephant Key Chain $7.99
Leather Key Chain $11.99
Sliver Crystal Lapel Pin $15.99
Friendship Ring $8.99
Delta Lager Lapel pin $11.99
Delta Year Key Chain $7.99
Delta Heart Key Chain $7.99
Delta Larger Lapel $11.99
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Delta Sigma Theta "Multiple Elephant Delta" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Delta For Life"
Delta Sigma Theta "Love Shield" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Only The Best" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Sister's Keeper" T-Shirt 
Delta Sigma Theta "Dry Fit Shield" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "One Time Orginated" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta Group Shirt Camo Red Top
Delta Sigma Theta Group Shirt Round Collar 
Delta Sigma Theta "Bling Delta Woman"
Delta Sigma Theta "Radiance in Red" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "9 Precious Pearls" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Howard University Delta Delta" TShirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Bling Bling Woman"
Delta Sigma Theta "Not Born But Made" 
Delta Sigma Theta "What Is A Delta" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Adidas" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "StyleDazzle" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Shoe Fits" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Experience" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Bling Bling " T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "22 Deltas" T Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Stitch" T-Shirt
Delta Sigma Theta "Sunhat" T Shirt
Delta Mesh Sun Visors $16.99

Delta Medallion Paddle $12.99
Delta Car Emblems $7.99
Delta Shield Car Decal $7.99
Delta Round Car Decal $6.99
Delta Crystal Bracelet $14.99
Delta Shield Earrings $12.99
Delta Assorted Necklace $14.99
Delta Luggage Tag $8.99
Delta Flip Flop $19.99
Delta Cozy Slippers $22.99
Delta Black Picture Frame $25.99
Delta Headband $9.99
Delta Silver Charm $19.99
Delta Black Mirror Tag $21.99
Delta Pom Pom $2.50
Delta Shoe Bag $24.99 
Delta Stretchy Bracelet $11.99
Delta Bling Bracelet W/ Greek Letters $11.99
Delta Watch $69.99 
Delta Heart Bracelet $14.99
Delta Cap $18.99
Delta Headrest Cover Red/ Black $14.99
Delta Sterling sliver Ring $43.99
Delta Leather Ritual Cover $39.99
Delta Sliver Bangle $16.99
Delta Light Red Lanyard $9.99
Delta Straw Hat w / Bow $29.99
Delta Key Chain $7.99
Delta Crossbody Bag $28.99
Delta High Waist Leggings $29.99
Delta Blessed Car Frame $19.99
Delta Lager Reverse Umbrella $29.99
Delta Reverse Umbrella $28.99
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Delta Hitch Cover $18.99
Delta Pencils .89
Delta Divided Key Chain $8.99
Delta Heart Bangle Bracelet $11.99
Delta Cufflinks $39.99
Delta Oval Cufflinks $39.99
Delta Rhinestone Cap $20.99
Delta Cap $18.99
Delta Luggage Tag $8.99
Delta Lanyard $9.99
Delta Luggage Tag $8.99
Delta Bling Bling Shirt 
Delta Ankle Sock Red and White $7.99
Delta Sterling Bracelet $46.99
Delta Small Lady Jute Bag $12.99
Delta Small Shield Jute Bag $10.99
Delta Sweat Shirt $29.99
Delta Heavy Weight Cardigians $179.99 ( ONLY 5 Left )
Delta Dot Jute Bag $11.99
Delta Gitter  Cardigians $69.99
Delta Greek Hoodie $49.99
Delta Sliver Frame W/ Diamond Life $19.99
Delta Black Ankle Sock $7.99
Delta Black/Gary Glitter on side leg $39.99
Delta Large Poke Dot Jute Bag $16.99
Delta Small Red Picture Frame $19.99
Delta Scarf And Bennie  
Scarf $24.99 / Bennie $20.99
Delta Knee High Sock $12.99
Delta Red Gift Box $10.99
Delta Red Mirror Car Tag W/ Year 21.99
Delta Mirror Tag W/ Red Greek Letter $21.99
Delta Sliver Tag $21.99
Delta Strech Ring $11.99
Delta Silver Founders Frame Red And White $22.99
Delta Black Founder Tag W/ Red Letters Mirror Trim $22.99
Delta Silver Founders Tag W/ Mirror Letters Red Trim $22.99
Delta Gold Tag W/ Sliver Letters And Red Trim $21.99
Delta Founders Tag W/ Shield And Red Letters $24.99
Delta Silver Frame Greek Letters $19.99
Delta Silver Frame W/ Educator $19.99
​Delta Silicone Bracelet $5.00
Delta Silver Frame W/ Life Member $19.99
Delta Mouse Pad $10.99
Delta Black Oo-Oop Tag $22.99
Delta Silver Oo-Oop Tag $22.99
Delta Double - Side Dog Tag $14.99
Delta Ink Pens 1.50
Delta Window Decal $5.50
Delta Heart Necklace $14.99
Delta Heart Earring $12.99
Delta Dangling Charm Bracelet $16.99
Delta Heart / Greek Letter Earrings $12.99
Delta Gold/Sliver Crystal Pin $12.99
Delta Dangling Earring W/ Greek Letters $12.99
Delta  Red Business Card Holder $22.99
Delta Elephant $22.99
Delta Founders Plaque $40.99
Delta Red/White/Black Lunch Bag $19.99
Delta Red/White Luggage Tag $8.99
Delta Red / White Padfolio W/ Shield $26.99
Delta Red Duffle Bag w/ White Greek Letters $28.99
Delta Char / Red Car Decal $7.99
Delta Red/ White Slippers $18.99